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Moving Resources In Annapolis

Have Peace of Mind While Moving

Once you’ve made the decision to move, the next step is to create a moving plan and obtain the right supplies. For the simplest move, Short Hop Moving is here for you. Our moving professionals tailor our packing and moving services to you. We create a moving plan personalized to your needs, giving you the freedom to choose exactly how your move is executed.

sealing moving box with tape

Our Moving Services

In your customized moving plan, we help you select the right moving supplies including:

  • Various sizes of moving boxes
  • Box and packaging tape
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Bubble wrap or protective materials
  • Dollies

We offer reliable resources prior to your big move so you know exactly what you may need. On the day of relocation, our Annapolis movers can complete and check off the materials and tasks from your plan. By planning your move in advance, we can provide you the peace of mind you deserve. Contact Short Hop Moving at 410-266-7597 to have our Annapolis moving company take care of your move for you.

Your Moving Experts